The promised taco

Let’s start with some good-ish news.  I lost another pound this week.

I’ll admit, I was hoping for more weight lost than that, I mean I have worked-out every day this week.  But, I also had a few beers and I’ve had a PB&J for lunch every day.   I know PB&J’s are filled with calories but they’re so good and convenient and cheap!

Enough weight talk – let’s talk food!

I love Mexican food, I could eat it for three times a day every day and be so very happy.  My friend Karley gave me this awesome taco recipe that’s super cheap and easy too!


Please notice that everything on the photo is under $2.00.  I spent a total of $7.03 on this meal.  Also, aren’t you impressed by how long that cilantro has lasted?  I know I am.

Right, so start by chopping veggies and heating the can o’ beans.  While chopping I decided I only needed half the onion and half the green pepper.

Then saute onion and peppers and add the taco seasoning, (I only used half the packet because I was only using half the veggies.)  Here’s where I ran into my first problem.  It was all dry…

Then I remembered seeing my mom add water to taco meat when she seasoned it, so I figured the same principle would work here.  And it did and it was magic.

Then I realized that the heat was on too high because everything started sticking to the pan.  So, I panicked and just turned the heat off.  Next I mixed in the green sauces with the now heated beans.

All that’s left now is to heat up the tortilla.  Karley suggested dabbing them with water so that they would be steamed and wouldn’t tear.  The problem is though, (probably because I bought cheap tortillas,) when I pulled one out of the package it tore because it was sticking to the other tortillas.  There were still some layers where it was torn though so I thought it would be okay.

Now pile everything on!  This includes beans, sauteed onion & peppers, cilantro, avocado and of course srirachi.
*Note: While eating leftovers of this I added some of that goat cheese I had left over from the salad and it was a bit too rich, if you want to add cheese I would stick with the classic sharp cheddar.

Now you probably guessed what happened when I tried to fold this thing up.  It ripped apart.  But I’m supa smart and just doubled up the tortillas.

I don’t know if it was that I used two tortillas or if I’m just getting used to smaller portions, but this baby filled me up!  I loved every bite though.  Plus, there’s tons left over!  Next time I think I’ll drain the beans a bit because it was a little watery and I will chop up the full onion and pepper – I’m just going to chop up the other halves that I didn’t this time because I’m sure they’ll be the first thing to run out in my pile of leftovers.

Hooray for tacos!


Let’s call it muscle mass

Here’s the bad news: It’s been a week since I started this blog, so according to the rules I made for myself, last Friday was a weigh in day.  I have officially gained 1.8 pounds.  Shit!

When I told my friend Michelle that I had gained weight she explained that it must be muscle mass because I’ve been working out now.  How many days did you work out last week?  Three.  Oh wow, that’s muscle mass for sure.  I don’t appreciate your sarcasm.

Enough weight talk, let’s move on to food talk!

On Wednesday it was time to make my weekly meal.  (I usually only make 1-2 meals a week and then live on left-overs.)  I had sausage and cilantro left in my fridge from the rice & beans recipe.  I used this website, Gojee, which lets you say what ingredients you have and then it gives you a bunch of recipes from blogs with those ingredients.  I chose a meat and vegetable mash so that way I wouldn’t be all carbed out.  You can find the original recipe here.  It called for chorizo, but I didn’t have chorizo, I had spicy sausage.  It turned out the way you would expect a vegetable meat pile to taste like, nothing fancy but not bad either.  The spicy sausage was that best part.  I love sausage, but maybe the sausage is where the extra pound came from?  Or maybe it was all that cheese from last Thursday night, (velveeta + chilli = happy/fat.)

Meat & Veggies Mash Ingredients:

Cook your chicken.  I was going to bake it but then I just decided to just cook it in a pan with some olive oil and salt & pepper.

Chop up your veggies and cooked chicken.  It’s a lot of stuff, you’ll need your biggest cutting board!

Get a big ol’ skillet and brown your sausage and warm the chicken back up.

Then take the meat out and put your veggies in.  (I’m not sure why, but it’s what the recipe said.)

Once the veggies are cooked but not soft, throw the meat back in and add the cilantro!

That was last week’s food.  My plan is to update this more often but with shorter posts, (the way we Americans like it.)  Oh, and my sister, Janelle, and I have made a pact to do the Jilian DVD for five days this week – Monday through Friday.  According to Jilian, we will lose five pounds if we do.  Next time you see me I should be five pounds lighter!  Huzzah!