Redefining my life.

I’m excited about this.  But, I honestly am not sure what I’m excited about.  How does one change their habits?  Does changing your habits actually redefine you?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just excited that I have place where I can just talk about me, my life, my future.  I really like me… sort of.

The point is, I’m going to kick life’s ass.

To the right you will notice I’ve posted my weight and debt for all sorts of strangers to see.  How exciting.  I will be updating the weight once a week with a qualifier stating if I have gained or lost weight since today’s date, (March 9th.)  And I’ll update the debt total once a month, (because I get paid once a month.)

If you are still reading this you must be related to me.  This is so incredibly boring.  Do you know why?  No photos.  Which reminds me that my goal is to fill this with lots of pretty pictures.  But not now.  In the next post.  Be patient.